Welcome to P I C T U R E M A D E- A nod to my very southern family's favorite expression, "Come over here and get your picture made." PictureMade is about documenting what was and what will be. And a desire to capture those familiar things that we cherish in our favorite photographs-comfort, warmth, and most of all- love.


I'm Amaree.

People call me "Am" for short.



I'm a born and raised Carolina girl and a lifestyle photographer in Raleigh.


I'm married to a talented musician and my best friend, Ben.  We have two sweet children,  Wickham (8) and Mae (3).  They are my favorite subjects to photograph.


My first camera was one of those little disposables that you can get from the drug store.  We had a project in elementary school and got to take them home. I was hooked. Art has always been an essential part of my being, and it taught me that with a good eye and the right set up, even an inexpensive camera can be used to create something beautiful. No drugstore cameras for me these days - Now, I shoot with a Canon.


While studying at Meredith College, I had the amazing opportunity to study photography and digital imaging in Italy. Shortly after I came back,  I began shooting weddings with Amy Hathaway of Hathaway Photography and continued that amazing work relationship for the next 7 years. Once Amy moved out of state a couple years ago,  I decided to take the brave next step of growing my passion into my own business. 


Besides raising my babies with my sweet husband, there is absolutely nothing that I enjoy more than taking photographs.  There is so much about life I wish I could stand still so that I could savor it just a little more. That's the thing I love about a photograph, it's the closest thing I've found to a pause button and the best way to capture the beauty of this life.  




A few of my favorite things...

Jesus. Espresso. Drawing. Reading. Boone. Shoes. Thrift stores. Dolly Parton. Fixing up our old farmhouse. Summer. Playing the violin. Cooking. Amsterdam. Margaritas. Traveling. Easter. Weddings. The movie Steel Magnolias. Yellow. Yoga Pants. Sunday naps.



For a look into my everyday life, follow me on instagram- Username: AMAREEDAVIS




For information about pricing, availability, and any other questions please contact me at amdavis85@gmail.com or 828-234-1322